BACCO : /ˈbak.ko/

Hunter Valley Organic Wine

Bacco Wines is first and foremost about the ‘terra’, or soil, or more specifically the life we are bringing to it, within our little pocket of the Hunter Valley. Our vineyard is located in the premium Broke Fordwich sub-region and exclusively produces small batch, family and estate grown wines.

The vineyard’s alluvial soils have been organically certified for 25 years and since buying the vineyard in 2021 we have further enriched this soil with biodynamic agricultural methods and additional sustainable practices that have created the ideal environment for our vines to thrive. 

The vines are planted east to west 3 metres apart, allowing them to benefit from the prevailing winds from the nearby Wollemi National Park and the water table that nourishes the soil.

Who is BACCO?

Riverpines Vineyard in Hunter Valley

Sustainable, Organic & Biodynamic

Riverpines Vineyard is located in Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley, the oldest wine region in Australia.

Our vines are plotted on 160 acres of land near the national park. It has a vibrant natural environment for plants, and birds and is free from the contamination of neighbouring farms. Our grapes are grown in sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming for 20 years.

Our Riverpines Vineyard