Riverpines Vineyard Hunter Valley

Riverpines Vineyard in Hunter Valley

Riverpines Vineyard is located in Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley, the oldest wine region in Australia. Our vines are plotted on 160 acres of land near the national park. It has a vibrant natural environment for plants, and birds and is free from the contamination of neighbouring farms. Our grapes are grown in sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming for 20 years.  We use a chemical-free production process to offer organic and quality wine to our customers. We create biodiversity in our vineyard with cattle farms and vegetable gardens. The vegetables grown at Riverpines are outsourced to Pasta Emilia, our cellar door Pasta, and Wine Restaurant.

Sustainable farming 

We are determined on sustainable farming to protect natural resources and improve the quality of our wines. Our vineyard adopted a sustainability framework with an effort to reduce carbon footprint, water, waste and protect plants, animals and create positive impacts on the environment.


Our vineyard is certified by Australian Certified Organic. The grapes are grown organically without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We always test our vineyard regularly to test the purity of the grapes and keep the natural balance of our environment.


The idea of biodynamics was introduced by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. The process is the integration phase of the moon and the special soil preparations. Our vineyard adopts biodynamic preparation to enhance the level of soil moisture and to simulate the lifespan of plants. We manure soil by using animals as soil conditioners and natural fertilizers.