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Pasta Emilia

Osteria Emilia

Pasta Emilia is founder Anna Maria Eoclidi’s tribute to the gastronomic traditions of her home in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. In the making for centuries, it's a restaurant, cooking school and certified organic food lab producing fresh pasta & sauces. Drawing from our rich history, we look forward to this century dedicated to celebrating the clean and responsible provenance of our ingredients.

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Our Emilian chefs produce over 15 varieties of certified organic pasta each week in our Laboratorio on Riley Street in Surry Hills, including our famous slow-cooked beef and parmesan ravioli and the classic Tortelli spinachi, as well as pasta sauces and other traditional dishes from Emilia-Romagna. They share their knowledge at Casa Emilia - our popular on-site cooking school - through regular hands-on pasta-making and other specialty classes.


Sourcing and showcasing only the best certified organic and biodynamic produce we can find is normal at Pasta Emilia. Working directly with dairy producers from the Atherton Tableland or our favourite mill in the wheat fields of Emilia to find the best food in the world is core to our values. From these flour and eggs that go into our handmade pasta to the meat, vegetables, fruit and wines we serve daily for lunch and dinner, nothing is overlooked. Each producer boasts integrity and transparency and we’re proud to hold long-standing relationships with the best of them.

Take home a box of pasta from Pasta Emilia’s Cantina, sign up for a class or sit down to enjoy our seasonal menu at one of our antique/rustic tables in our restaurant, Osteria Emilia. You can also find us at farmers’ markets and specialty grocery stores around the country.

For us, good food, great organic produce and celebrating life’s special moments is in our blood and we can’t wait to share it all with you.